Beard Transplant Details

Beard Transplant Details

                                       Beard Transplant Details

Beard transplantation is also a type of hair transplantation in which the hairs taken from the donor area (sides and back of your head), and then they are implanted into the recipient areas such as the upper lip and cheeks, and in areas where beards are sparse or absent. This process can be changed according to need of the patient. If shedding has occurred or if it has never come out in a certain area, implanting is performed within the patchy area of beard. Depending on the person’s face, the number of implanted grafts can go from 2000 to 5000 grafts per operation.

How Is Beard Transplantation Done?

Beard transplantation may vary according to the sparseness of the person himself. That’s why the beard transplant process begins with a high-tech computerized hair analysis by our expert and experienced staff. It is important that the preliminary examination is comprehensive in order to correctly determine the number of grafts to be collected and transplanted.

On the Day of Beard Transplant Operation:

-Blood analysis will be done to see if the person has HIV or Hepatitis C.

– Local anesthesia will be injected in order not to feel any kind of pain.

-Grafts are collected from the donor area one by one.

– Donor grafts from hairs can be comprised of 2, 3 or 5 grafts. Before implanting, they will be divided into single units as beard hair units are one.

-After division of the follicles, DHI beard implant will start.

-After about four weeks, some of the grafts transplanted as a beard experience a temporary shedding called shock shedding. There is no need to worry or panic in this timeline, it is called adaptation period.

-Within 3 to 6 months after shedding, it grows strongly with newly added roots and a beard is formed.

It is important to perform a health status analysis and comprehensive preliminary examination before beard transplantation. As a result of the comprehensive preliminary examination, possible risks that may arise are determined and the most suitable technique for beard transplant for you is determined by our doctors.


Is Beard Transplant Painful?

One of the leading questions we get from our paitents is if any pain felt during and after beard transplantation.

In our clinic, the beard transplant operation is completed within 6-8 hours by our experienced doctor staff. In beard transplantation, Gharieni Armchairs and Comfort-In painless and needle-free anesthesia methods are used, which are specially designed to make the operation much more comfortable and pain-free. Accordingly, our patients do not feel any pain in the donor area where the graft is collected and in the area to be treated.

Who is a Good Candidate for Beard Transplantation?

-Patients with patchy beard.

-Patients with sparse beard appearance.

-Patients who want to fill or shape their beard.

What are the Precautions to Be Taken After the Procedure?

-Soft foods that do not require much chewing should be preferred.

-Attention should be paid to facial movements while talking and eating for at least 3 days.

-To avoid putting pressure on the transplanted hairs, you should sleep on your back facing upwards.

How to Wash the Face After the Procedure?

-In the first week, the transplanted hairs are gently washed with shampoo and water, provided that it is not too hot.

-Needs to be rinsed gently.

-It is necessary to avoid applying too much pressure or rubbing the newly planted area.

Shaving After Beard Transplant

You can shave 2-3 weeks after the procedure. However, before shaving, it should be ensured that the skin is well healed and that all crusts are shed. After the healing is complete, the transplanted beard grows normally, so it can be shaved and trimmed as desired.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Beard Transplantation?

All side effects of beard transplant are temporary. Side effects usually occur within the first few days after the procedure. It disappears when the skin is completely healed. Some patients may experience redness, swelling, itching, crusting and mild pain/discomfort for a few days after the procedure. These complaints will pass within a week.

Beard Transplantation Prices

Beard transplant prices are also among the topics of interest. The number of hair follicles to be planted in the region is one of the factors that determine the beard planting prices. There is a direct proportion between the number of hair follicles and the prices. If the hair follicles to be used for sowing are less, the prices of beard transplantation will also decrease. Pricing is determined by the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. Apart from this, the experience and equipment of the beard transplant clinic, specialist and team that will do the beard transplant are also effective in pricing.


As Universal Hair Transplant family, we are committed to provide you an impressive quality in our services. All our operations are carried out by a certified doctor and assisted by a bunch of technicians who has experience in beard transplant for at least 10 years. We only use German products which are the best of their kinds and results are perfect and satisfactory. Your beard transplant surgery is a process of high care and responsibility. Our team of dedicated specialists will guarantee the best result.




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