Which Diseases are Risky for Hair Transplantation?

Which Diseases are Risky for Hair Transplantation?

Can Diabetics Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an operation that can easily be performed by everyone at certain age and receding levels. However, the person who wants to have a hair transplant should definitely tell his/her doctor that he/she wants to have a hair transplant. What is meant by doctor here is the doctor who deals with the person’s diabetes, not the dermatologist or else. In order to avoid a risk during the hair transplant operation, his opinion should be obtained first, and then the hair transplant doctor should be consulted.

You will easily admit that not everyone’s sugar level is at the same level. However, the drugs used by the patients may also differ. Before the hair transplant operation of the person with diabetes, sugar level should be taken under control.

The person who will have hair transplantation should share the drugs and vitamins he uses with the hair transplant doctor. Because the medication and dosage used by each diabetes patient is different. Some other drugs, which some diabetics use compulsorily, may cause a risk in the hair transplant operation because they dilute the blood.

Can Patients With High Blood Pressure Have Hair Transplantation?

Before the hair transplant operation in blood pressure patients, the patient should definitely get approval from his/her doctor. Before the operation, the necessary drugs are given to the patient and the blood pressure is kept under control throughout the operation. In this way, the operation is comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.

Can Heart Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

When a person with heart disease who has not undergone a heart-related operation decides to have a hair transplant, s/he should first consult with her/his doctor (cardiologist), get his/her approval, and have new tests if necessary. Hair transplant operation is not recommended for cardiac patients who have undergone heart-related operations. However, the opinion of the heart doctor is important. If the cardiologist approves the hair transplant operation, the operation can be performed.

Can Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

There is no absolute contraindication for hair transplantation in hepatitis B patients. They can easily have hair transplant. However, hair transplantation is not recommended for HIV patients with the onset of hepatitis C and AIDS.

However, recent finding suggest that HIV patients can have hair transplant under certain conditions. First of all they should have consent from their doctors. Plus, more importantly, during the operation, materials used for hair transplant with HIV patient should be disposable and single use only and then these materials should be thrown into garbage.

Can Hemophilia Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is not performed for patients with hemophilia, known as non-clotting or delayed coagulation of the blood. Because hair transplantation is an operation that takes about 8 hours and there is a little bleeding during the operation. Hair transplantation is not performed in hemophiliac patients, as the continuous watering of the blood and non-coagulation may endanger the life of the patient.


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