Lip Augmentation in Istanbul

Every woman dreams to have plumpy lips to improve her beauty. Lips are one of the main features that can make a face attractive and increase seduction. Non-surgical lip augmentation using injectable fillers has been in demand for several decades and is becoming more popular every year. On the other hand, ill-shaped or over-filled lips can discourage patients from getting lip treatment for fear of an unnatural appearance. Therefore, when a person decides to have lip augmentation, it must be carried out by a qualified doctor along with products proven to be of good quality.

One of the details requested by patients is an elevated white roll of the upper lip, at the level of the canine teeth. This feature is best defined between the ages of 15 and 25; a clear and sharp canine arc is indicative of youthfulness.
All the lip structures age, the muscles, and fat tissue diminish in volume in time and the skin’s elasticity will decay, leading to structural and visible changes in the lip. With lip injections at Universal Hair Transplant, you will complete your facial beauty by having plump lips and thus have a seductive and attractive outlook.
As Universal Hair Transplant family, we are committed to provide you an impressive quality in our services. All our operations are carried out by a certified doctor and assisted by a technician who has experience in cosmetic surgeries for at least 10 years. We only use German products which are the best of their kinds and results are perfect and satisfactory. Your aesthetic surgery is a process of high care and responsibility. Our team of dedicated specialists will guarantee the best result.


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