Overall Guidance

You are aspired to have a hair transplant operation, or you want to undergo plastic surgery, or you just want to get some dental treatment? Apparently, you are not alone! Tens of thousands of people each year visiting İstanbul to have one or more of these operations.

However, you may not have comprehensive information as to what is really going on in Turkey when it comes to these cosmetic surgeries. Here we
are as Universal Hair Transplant Family to give you useful overall guidance before you enter Turkey.

There are plenty of things you have to be careful about in order not to get any misleading or deception. Universal Hair Transplant will always be with you before your arrival to İstanbul until you see the final result.

Our support will last forever!


Hair loss affects people negatively and takes the mood downward. Especially, hairless images of people make people look older and weary. People who need hair transplants do their research and the price of the…                                                              Read More

If you know anyone who has undergone hair transplantation in İstanbul before, then you can directly get information about the process by asking all the questions you have. resources about hair transplantation…                                                                                  Read More

Although methods for hair transplantation vary, the most preferred methods DHI and FUE have similar steps. The things that need to be taken into consideration are specified in this process…                                                                                                       Read More

One of the most important issues to be considered after the hair transplant operation is washing the hair. Crust, redness, and slight bleeding are expected to occur in the hair follicles after transplantation…                                                                                 Read More

When the hair transplant surgery is completed, in order to avoid swelling and any other problems your donor area will be wrapped with a bandage and a hairband will be placed on your forehead….                                                                                                     Read More

It cannot go without saying that there are about 300-500 companies in Turkey who are “doing” hair transplants but most of them are classified as cheapjacks or “illegal manufacturers”…                                                                                                                         Read More


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