Unshaven Hair Transplant in Istanbul

It is very obvious that hair transplantation is the first cosmetic surgery that pops up in every bald (or partially bald) person’s mind. The hair loss in men typically starts in the front side of the head and then slowly it spreads to the other sides of the head and mostly the whole upper side hair loss takes place over the head.


It is safe to say that Turkey is one of the leading countries in hair transplant procedures. Normally, before each and every hair transplant operation the existing hairs are shaved to zero. However, by applying the FUE-unshaved method, your hair will not be shaved before the surgery. Thanks to FUE unshaven hair transplant, it is possible to apply the FUE-unshaven method without shaving the hair and plant the grafts to targeted areas.



The main difference between hair transplants with shaving and without shaving is as follows. Basically, the unshaven hair transplant method focuses on people who have NOT lost a considerably big area of their hair. It is more suitable for patients who have particular hair loss on their heads. However, if a person has lost a considerably big area on their head, it is then imperative to have the scalp shaved. In a nutshell, it is up to how big the hair loss is in that particular area of the head.


As Universal Hair Transplant family, we are committed to providing you an impressive quality in our services. All our operations are carried out by a certified doctor and assisted by a technician who has experience in the hair transplant field for at least 5 years. Your hair treatment is a process of high care and responsibility. Our team of dedicated specialists will guarantee the best result.


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