Welcome to Universal Hair Transplant

Healthy and thick hair has always been symbols of youth, beauty and success both on a private and professional level. Especially for men, having a head with healthy and shining hair has always been a sign of power and strength.  However, due to genetics and personal factors, most males lose their hair in time and this leads to undermined morale and poor confidence and subsequently, most men ring the rescue bell. As Universal Hair Transplant family, we aim at boosting the morale of our patients and restore their shattered confidence.

Universal Hair Transplant is the flagship company that pops up in minds when patients search for good quality service at an affordable price. We do our operations in one of the biggest hospitals in Turkey and our hospital has JCI certification and is internationally acknowledged. Our main priorities include understanding the needs of our customers, creating a modest environment where our patients address their issues and desires openly, providing them with essential treatments, and giving them continuous post-operation support and guidance.

As Universal Hair Transplant, we have successfully performed thousands of hair transplant operations so far thanks to our years of experience and professional staff. But our services are not only limited to hair implants. We also offer services in the field of plastic surgeries and dental treatments. Experience, knowledge, and good teamwork are key to our successYour hair can also look full, healthy, and glossy again. Let our experience and expertise make a difference.


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