Hair Transplant in Turkey

It cannot go without saying that there are about 300-500 companies in Turkey who are “doing” hair transplants but most of them are classified as cheapjacks or “illegal manufacturers”. Some patients are just low-price concerned and in the end, they fall victims to the hands of fraudulent people and wrong companies.

They do not take into consideration the quality of the hospital and doctor. Subsequently, they get a cheaper price but their operation fails. Finally, they not only lose their money but also they lose their donor areas that will never come back again! Altogether, you cannot buy high quality at a low price!

With a little bit of research on the Internet, you will come across uncountable many hair transplant websites. For instance, in the UK it will cost you up to 10000GBP and it’s even more expensive in the US!

The prices are based on the number of hairs that will be transplanted and it differs from min 4000GBP to 10000GBP depending on the
number of hairs. However, the surgery in Turkey is considerably cheaper than US and UK.

Universal Hair Transplant prices are budget-friendly and so approachable. Despite the fact that prices are changing from season to season and it changes depending on the promotions we advertise from time to time, on overage, our prices range from 1300€ to 2000€. Plus, we do not charge per graft but we charge per operation.

P.S.: Some matters are subject to change in time.


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