Before Hair Transplant Operation

If you know anyone who has undergone hair transplantation in İstanbul before, then you can directly get information about the process by asking all the questions you have. But, if you do not know anyone, then who you are going to ask? There is a myriad of information flowing on the Internet. You can find many resources about hair transplantation.

However, it cannot be said that all of these sources present correct information for hair transplantation in Turkey.
First of all, you contact us and we will make your photo analysis. Then our doctor will write your analysis and then we will offer your a suitable package along with your analysis report.

The package will include accommodation in one of our suite hotels, a hair transplant operation (same for dental treatment and plastic surgeries), and all the
transfers between airport-hotel-hospital.

Then, you buy your flight tickets and send us a copy of them. We will organize the rest and off you fly to İstanbul! We will pick you from the airport and settle you at our hotel.
Before the operation takes place, you should let us know explicitly whether or not you have any medical problems and if so what kind of medications you are using. This is very important to proceed before the hair transplantation takes place.

Apart from that, if you are going through any medical problems, please kindly consult your doctor and get permission for your hair transplant surgery. Your health is our first priority!

Two days prior to your operation you should avoid smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Because smoking and alcohol pose adverse reactions to the medications you will be taking during the surgery. Therefore, it is very crucial to stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two days before the hair transplant surgery.

On the day of operation, please dress in comfort. We strongly recommend you dress a shirt that has no possibility of touching and dislodging grafts. You should take shower before the operation and avoid using gels and sprays. Also, you should have a regular breakfast prior to operation.


OFF on all operations