Hair Growth Process

Hair Growth Process

                                       Hair Growth Process

The preparation to hair transplant process starts two weeks before the exact operation. This is the same after surgery. The recovery period after hair transplant normally requires 6 months and within that time spin, you have to be very careful about some points. Patients who follow the necessities of this recovery period has proven that the operation has been more successful and the recovery period got shortened. It is possible to observe this 6 months recovery period into two chapters. These two chapters are as follows:

1- Period For Retention of the Transplanted Hairs

2- Period For Hair Shedding and Regrowing

Period For Retention of the Transplanted Hairs 

The retention process that starts right after the hair transplantation requires approximately 5 to 7 days. Within that period, the hair scalp is quite delicate and over sensitive to the germs. Therefore, it is required to take additive measures for hair scalp and it should be protected against the possibility of infection. Especially the first three days are crucial and hair washing is strictly forbidden. The first hair wash after hair transplant will be carried out after the first three days of the operation at one of our hair transplant centers.

 The Points That the Patient Should Be Careful After the Hair Transplant Operation is Done:

1- The patient should hold aloof from dirty, dusty and smoky areas.

2- The patient should keep away from stress and avoid heavy work.

3- The patient should protect his head with a baggy hat both from the exposure to solar radiation  and air pollution. The hat should be put aside in closed areas so that the scalp can benefit from oxygen. Oxygen speeds up the healing process of the scalp.

4- Chemical and cosmetic products are strictly forbidden to use on the scalp, only the products that doctor allows is usable.

5- The patient should wash his/her hairs daily with the provided special shampoos after 3 days.

6-  The patient should slowly take away the moisture of the hair with a towel when dries his hairs.

7- It is not recommended to use hair drier. If used, it should be set away from the scalp and should not be too hot.

8- The patient should not touch the scalp to the pillow during the sleep.

9- The patient should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette for the first 7 days. It seriously harms the healing process.

10- Sportive activities which leads to sweating should be avoided.

In the meantime, it is quite normal that some red spots and crust after hair transplant can be observed. It is supposed to heal in a short period of time, approximately ten days. If it takes too long, you should consult to your doctor. At the beginning, to eliminate itching on the scalp, itch relief gels and sprays should be used as prescribed by your doctor.

 The Period of Regrowing After the Hair Loss

Just about a week later from hair transplantation, the patient enters another period of time which will take roughly 6 months. During this time spin, it is normal to observe some hair loss. So, do not panic, it is called adaptation period after hair transplant and it is totally expected! Because the first hairs that grow are relatively weaker and therefore to expect stronger hairs to come up may take some time to pass. The hair shedding will start after a month, but it may be more than a month or less than a month depending on the patient’s body reaction. Within that 6 months, the patient supposed to take care of himself on the following points.

1- The patient should avoid swimming and swimming pools. Especially some products that are used in pool cleaning are quite dangerous for hair skin.

2- When the patient needs to go to hairdresser, the use of razor or machine on scalp should be avoided. Better to use scissor.

3- The patient should avoid using hair gel and hair spray and such other cosmetics including hair dye.

4- The patient should avoid using the hair drier on strong levels after shower.

5- During shower, it is not advised to use very hot water and pressurized water.

6- The patient, on a regular basis, should tenderly massage his hairs and the medicine given by the doctor should properly be used.


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