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Ronquina Kesmar

Ronquina Kesmar Do you ever think about how we’ve come to primp, pamper, adorn and bedazzle ourselves? Throughout the centuries, different cultures hold different perceptions of beauty.  Beauty rituals have existed for thousands of years, and through the ages, people […]

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Hair Whorl

Hair Whorl A hair whorl is a patch of hair growing in a circular direction around a visible center point. Hair whorls occur in most hairy animals, on the body as well as on the head. Hair whorls, also known as crowns, swirls, or trichoglyphs, can […]

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Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair Transplant Before and After Before the hair transplantation, you should have an idea against all possibilities and get information about the whole procedure. Before the hair transplantation, you can get wrong information from your environment and social networks. As […]

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