Details of Eyebrow Transplant


                          DETAILS OF EYEBROW TRANSPLANT

Hello everyone! In this article, we will try to answer some of the most relevent questions regarding eyebrow transplant. These questions and topics of curiosity are as follows:

What are the details of eyebrow transplant? How eyebrow transplant is carried out? How the doctor give it a shape? What is the price of eyebrow transplant? What is the recovery time for eyebrow transplant? When do I get the final results? Is there any risk or side effect to eyebrow transplant? Will it look natural? And on and on… You can also get this perfect eyebrows thanks to eyebrow transplant operations.

How Are Eyebrow Operations Done?

Eyebrow transplantation which is more popular with women is done with DHI technique. It is the most ideal and comfortable solution preferred for eyebrow loss caused by reasons such as genetics, shedding and burns. The hair follicles that will form or give density to the eyebrows are taken from the appropriate parts of the body with the help of micro motor machines and planted in the recipient area.

First of all, it is necessary to give a clear answer to the question of where to get hair follicles for eyebrow transplantation. Based on our years of experience in plastic surgery, hair follicles taken from the back of the head give the best results. However, in eyebrow transplantation, hair roots can also be taken from areas such as armpits and arm hairs. If only a certain part of the eyebrow is shedding. Under normal circumstances, operation can be concluded in as little as 60 minutes.

Hair follicles taken with 0.5 mm tools are planted in the area determined by the DHI method without cutting the skin. Implanting is carried out immediately without waiting for the hair roots. The hair roots, whose angle is determined beforehand, are placed in the appropriate area. Satisfactory results are achieved by transplanting 400 to 800 grafts. The important point here is that implantation produces natural results.

How to Shape The Eyebrows?

First of all, doctors draw the hairlines of the eyebrow of the patient depending on the patient’s facial characters. Then, patient checks himself/herself on the mirror and when the patient gives consent to the doctor, the actual operation starts. If patient wants to have some changes, doctor change the operation plans based on patient’s own request. With the help of non-marking paint, the thickness, length and frequency of the eyebrows are determined. The patient has an idea about how the eyebrow will be shaped. In the remaining part, the planting and direction of the eyebrow is determined and the application is started.

How Much Does Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

Depending on the number of grafts to be planted, the cost of eyebrow transplant varies. But on overage, it would cost somewhere between 1000€-1500€. You can contact us 24/7 via our Whatsapp line (Roberto: 0544 657 3616) to get more information about the prices of hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and eyelash transplantation, beard and mustache transplantation performed in our brand-new clinic.

Recovery Time for Eyebrow Transplant

The area can be washed 72 hours after the operation. It may take 4-5 days for the crusting and redness to disappear completely. 3 days after the transplant, you can swim in the sea or the pool, and you can do sports without getting hit on your eyebrows. No special medication is required during the recovery period. Just one day before the operation, you should cut down on alcohol, smoking and tea-coffee drinking and this diet will continue also two days after the operation.

When Do Eyebrows Fully Grow?

In a person who is fed normally, the planted grafts grow at an average rate of 0.3 mm per day. At the end of 15 days, temporary shedding is completely stopped. We call this shock shedding time as adaptation period. It should also be noted that the rate of adaptation period may vary from person to person. Some may experience more shedding, while others may experience less. Of course, more or less, in any case, after the shock loss, the shed hairs will re-grow within 4 to 6 months. You can have an idea about the subject by asking our experts by sending before and after photos of recovery.

What Are The Risks And Side-Effects of Eyebrow Transplant?

Among the hospitals that perform eyebrow transplantation, we need to inform the patients against the slightest risks. Eyebrow transplant application has the same procedure and process as hair transplant operation in general. In this sense, the risks it contains are at the same as hair transplantation. In response to the question of what are these risks and side effects of eyebrow transplant, we can line up the following ones.

-Edema and mild swelling around the eyebrows.

-Temporary loss of sensation (due to anesthesia) in the area.

-Temporary crusts.

-Itching during recovery.

It must be added that, if the patient follows the instructions given by the doctor, most of these issues will not occur or they will disappear within 5-7 days.

Do Eyebrow Transplant Look Natural?

In response to the question of whether or not it will look natural, we can easily say that after a month, your family and friends will not even notice that you had eyebrow transplant in any way. You will totally have a natural outlook and appearance. Although the eyebrow structure is determined according to the anatomy of the face, in general, the eyebrows should start at the level of the nose line and continue to protrude a few mm from the end of the eye line. The results of eyebrows planted at an angle of less than 35-45 degrees are more satisfactory. Because eyebrows grow at an angle closer to our skin than other hairs on our body. As long as these rules are adhered to, it will be very difficult to understand that your new eyebrows are planted. Our team and experts mostly focus on this measure in eyebrow transplantation.


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