What to Do After Hair Transplant? Are Vitamins, Alcohol, shower Allowed?


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Recently, we received many questions from our customers and below we will try to clarify and summarize some of the most frequently asked questions regarding hair transplant in Turkey. We will touch upon topics like what is going to happen after hair transplant, hair transplant after care, vitamins after hair tranplant, swelling after hair transplant, what are the side effects, can I wear hat after hair transplant, so on and so forth…

Besides, we will also answer the questions regarding the hair transplant price and how much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey. In addition to that, we will mention briefly some further dimensions of the subject. Let’s start!


Hair transplant is a delicate process but it is even more vital to know how to take care of your new hairs after the hair transplant procedure. Generally speaking, the points to be considered after hair transplant are shared with the patient by the doctor. If these points are well taken care and strictly followed after hair transplantation, there is no reason for not getting the expected result from the hair transplantation process.

There are a few indispensable rules about what should be done after hair transplantation. Apart from this, you will be informed by your doctor about the rules to be followed. In order to get through the period hassle-free after hair transplantation and to regain your new hair as soon as possible, it will be sufficient to use the medicines given to you regularly and carry out the recommendations and advises orderly.


* You need to stay away from heavy work that will make you sweat, tired and cause you to take a shower all the time. In addition, hair follicles will be damaged due to sweating and will not be able to grow in a healthy manner.

*You need to stay away from stressful and tense environments. Because stress is one of the most important causes of hair loss. If you have lost your hair especially due to stress, do not be in stressful environments after hair transplantation.

*After hair transplantation, you should stay away from sexual intercourse for a few nights. A little respite from hanky-panky.

*Since you will need to use antibiotics after hair transplantation, you should definitely not drink alcohol. Alcohol will be harmful to your newly planted hairs as it will mix directly with your circulatory system via blood.

*It is possible to feel partial pain and fatigue after hair transplantation. Angriness may also be experienced due to the local anesthesia given. If you use the drugs recommended by your doctor, these complaints will completely disappear within a few days.

*For the first few days, you should lie on your back as much as possible and not touch anything with the treated area. If the application is also done on the back of your head, you must lie on your face.

*Swelling after hair tramsplant is another important issue. To prevent swollen face after hair transplant, you should sleep on a face-up position at least three days in rows. If you lie on the transplanted area after hair transplantation, edema may occur. You don’t have to worry about that. These swellings will disappear in a few days.

*The next day after hair transplantation, the bandage placed on the area where the hair is taken from the neck should be removed and medical dressing should be applied. After that, a bandage will be placed on your forehead and the edema will be prevented from descending from your head to your forehead and eyes.

*From the 2nd day after hair transplantation, no application is made to the transplanted area. Only drugs and solutions given by your doctor should be used.


*What about hair wash after hair transplant? Newly implanted hairs should not be washed on the first day. On the second day, you need to go to the hospital and have your nape treated. Washing the hair is recommended after 48 hours having done the operation. If washing is done before, it will be difficult to get the desired result from hair transplantation.

*What about wearing hat after hair transplant? In the first three days, you should not wear any hat nor expose your head to the sunlight as much as possible. If you absolutely have to go out, it is recommended to go out with a hat made of soft fabric that will not pinch your head and the hat should be baggy, not tight.

*Care must be taken to ensure that the transplanted area does not come into direct savage contact with any place and does not receive any blows. The operated area must be protected from any damage.

*Can I smoke cigarette after hair transplant? Or can I drink coffee or tea after hair transplant? Can I drink alcohol after hair transplant? During the first 3 days, it is necessary to avoid cigarette, coffee, tea and alcohol consumption. Since these are substances that mix directly with the blood and contain drugs or stimulants, your newly planted hair follicles will negatively be affected very quickly.


*The transplanted area must be protected from sunlight and rain for at least 15 days. Direct exposure to sunlight after hair transplant is very detrimental for your

*What about Turkish bath or sauna after hair transplant? Or swimming in the sea or pool after hair transplant? It is necessary not to enter very hot or very cold environments, to bathe with warm water instead of hot or cold water, to stay away from the Turkish bath, sauna, pool and sea. Such places will also increase your risk of infection, thus reducing the probability of the operation’s success.

*After the first wash, you must wash your head with shampoos with a pH value of 5.5, antibacterial and that contains less chemical content. Such shampoos will kill bacteria and microbes on your scalp and will ensure the development of hair follicles.

*What about redness, scars and crusts after hair transplant?10 days after hair transplantation, the scars on your scalp will disappear and the crusts will fall. The incisions or scars formed during the operation will completely be invisible. You don’t need to worry about this.

*In the first few days after the operation, small areas of redness or pimples may be seen in the region where the hair follicles are taken. If you use your medicines regularly and pay attention to your hygiene, these minor problems will disappear after a while.

*What about adaptation period after hair transplant? About a week after the start of washing, the newly implanted hairs in the planted area begin to fall. This is called the adaptation period. When you see this, you do not need to panic or think that hair transplantation did not work. This is a natural process. A few months after the operation, new hair will begin to grow from the roots placed 1.5cm below the skin.

*What about itching after hair transplant? It is very important that your transplanted area stays clean and hygienic after hair transplantation. If itching occurs on the scalp, inform your doctor and ask him to recommend a medicine.

* Can I use hair gel or hair spray or hair dye after hair transplant? Substances such as hair gel, spray or hair dye should never be applied to the transplanted area. You should be careful not to use hair dryers or stylers for a few months after hair transplantation. Because the hot air coming out of the dryer damages the planted roots. It is recommended to dry with a towel whenever possible.

*Which shampoo should I use after hair transplant? For 1-1.5 years after hair transplantation, you need to pay enough attention to keep your hair healthy and help them grow comfortably. You should use shampoos with low chemical content, rely on this after your hair starts to grow, take care of cleaning, avoid all kinds of substances and hard movements that will negatively affect your hair and scalp.

Altogether, even if hair transplantation is performed with aesthetic concerns, it is a medical application. Therefore, before having a hair transplant, you need to do a detailed research and find a reputable, credible and trustworthy company. Otherwise, the operation will not be able to meet your expectations, you will lose money and even experience health problems. In particular, you should listen to your doctor about the things to be considered after hair transplantation, use the medications he gives regularly, and follow his recommendations.

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