How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last?

How long do the transplanted hair last? It is known that the answer to this question is lifetime, but to be able to say this, it is necessary to provide some details and plan the operation well.

Let’s first consider the donor area where the hair is taken. Scientifically speaking, the roots in these regions are genetically encoded for not falling down for a person’s lifetime. As it can be noticed, when the roots are taken from these areas and transplanted to the balding area, it shows the same reaction. In other words, grafts taken from the donor area and implanted on the bald spaces will genetically stay on the head for a lifetime.

Let’s move to the issue of how the hair taken from the donor area should be transplanted in order to have a longer life and not to fall out.

First of all, hair analysis should be performed and the adequacy and quality of the roots in the donor area of the patient and the condition of the open area should be checked. After this information is obtained, the plan of the operation is drawn together with the patient. The inclusion of the patient in this plan is of great importance in terms of meeting the patient’s expectations.

In the first stage, while the roots are taken from the donor area, the depth and length of the roots and the micro-motor tip that assists the extraction of the roots should be directly proportional. In this way, fragmentation and damage to the roots will be prevented. After the roots are taken, contact with the external environment should be stopped immediately and taken into a special solution. Before the hair transplant operation, the roots should be separated in the solution without removing them from the solution. Which roots will be planted to which areas and in what numbers should be determined.

In the second stage, while the channels in which the roots will be planted are opened, the lengths and thicknesses of the roots and the root canal opener should be in direct proportion. In this way, the roots adapt to the skin more easily and a permanent scar is prevented.

In the third stage, while the roots are planted, they should be planted at the angle of the channels in line with the natural direction of the hair. In this way, the roots enter the canals more easily without forcing and without damaging the roots.

Unfortunately, the risk of losing the grafts that are damaged during the operation is very high. In a hair transplantation operation, all the rules must be fulfilled completely in order for the grafts to be long-lasting and not fall down. After the operation, it is of great importance that the transplanted hairs are taken care of very well and regular PRP sessions are strongly advised.

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